Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Encore Provence; Part 2. Sablet

Sablet is a pretty little village set high above the beautiful surrounding vineyards, one of many towns, each with their many wine domains from the Cote du Provence, but mostly names we haven’t heard of, except of course for Chateauneuf du Pape and Beaumes de Venise. However, just like going through the Hunter Valley, one sees names and caves for tasting and buying “degustation et vente”.

Sablet itself is a working town, not a tourist destination. It has a small square with the Sports Bar and Cafe, which also seems to own the pizza shop and the Cornucopia Cafe. One more small restaurant, a little supermarket, two hairdressers, two boulangers and a boucherie complete the shops in the town. On the outskirts are a pharmacy, doctor and dentist and one good restaurant, Les Abilles.


Terrace at Les Abilles where we had an evening meal

The Sports Bar is the centre of life for the town. Buy a croissant at the boulangerie and take it to the bar to join it with a cafe au lait. Have a beer, join in the paella and wine tasting event on the square outside. It all happens here. Kids everywhere, all the townspeople out, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Up the top is a four square church which chimes the hour, twice, in case you didn’t count right the first time. Near our house is the Place du Barry, or place of the ramparts with a gorgeous view and an orientation table so you can figure out what the towns and mountains arte.

The churchsabletsiren
And the obligatory siren nearby
Some old walls held up with vines
The face on the town fountain

The clock tower and wrought iron clocher
A passage, the roof supported by massive old beams
The fountain feeds the old communal laundry

There are paved passageways and old, old buildings constantly someone having something repaired. It is very pretty in a way that Australian towns can’t be. We just don’t have the age or those sort of charming buildings. On the other hand, our streets are usually wide enough to drive and park which is certainly not the case for most Provencal villages round here.

Sablet streets
Not for cars unless you are very careful
Corner house

Pretty house
Houses and shadows from the Place de Barrie
The eaves of houses
Some of the wiring came well after the houses

Then there is the view. Morning or evening it looks different and the sunsets are amazing.


Panorama of the view, day


Panorama evening

sabletsunset sabletsunset3

And the sunsets. Not bad.

Surrounding villages next.

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  1. Nick and Lynn,

    So nice that you visited our village - It's a real treasure. Such beautiful photos - we have a home in the village, but live on San Francisco. You are so right about it being a French working village - hope you had a chance to meet some of our friends while you were visitng.